Green Hosting

Did you know that the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV?

We asked ourselves, “What can we do to be part of the climate change solution?” We took steps to minimize our environmental impact in our business and home, but like most people, we wanted to do more. Now with alternative energy credits, we can actually do more than just neutralize our own usage…so it’s actually more than 100% green.

That’s right – it’s 130%!
We’re not just neutralizing our environmental impact, we’re reversing it.

Our hosting company has purchased certified Renewable Energy Credits representing 130% of the electricity used to both power and cool every last one of our servers.

When you host with us, you help lighten the ecological impact of your business.

In addition, we’re supporters of a large variety of environmental and animal welfare groups and charities.  Our intention is to be part of building a more life-supporting conscious community.  If that describes you and your business, then we’re a great fit!

PS)Sites hosted with us can post our “green hosting” image on their pages.