You can have a website that reflects you and your vision! From custom graphics, to assistance with copy, to shopping cart integration with paypal or your favorite processor,  to optimizing for search engine relevance, to the latest in security technology, we’ll help you to create the site that expresses YOUR unique vision. We even offer custom coaching for those who want to manage their own site once it’s built.  It’s all about empowering you to post your art and/or run your business!

Example Websites

A few examples of different types of websites

Bright Creations Art
A gallery of beautiful original artwork by spiritual artist Nancy Bright. I built the initial structure for Nancy, did some custom CSS coding to her specifications, and then tutored her in the use of both Wordpress and Woocommerce. I installed plugins necessary to achieve her website goals and tutored her in their use when necessary, (such as watermarking her online artwork), so that she could manage the website herself. I just do routine checking for security issues & major updates, but otherwise, Nancy is now able to almost completely manage her own website, even though she has no background in web design. Go Nancy!
Colibri Vibrational Science
Colibri Vibrational Science is the website of Anita Cramm, who blends her scientific background with intuitive plant medicines and healing. The site features a robust shopping cart for Anita's products, contact form, security suite with firewall, plus extensive information on her guided trips to Peru. (Check out her photo albums of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of Cusco.) Anita's site continues to expand as new products and herbal classes are added.
Website of author and spiritual consultant Eliel Fionn. This site features a robust shopping cart offering Eliel's inspiring books, plus adorable handmade magical woolen creatures, Read her blog to find out why she is so beloved by her clients! I have tutored Eliel in adding items to her shopping cart, so she can do this by herself, without the hassle and cost of having me add each new item. This is a great option for site owners who change products frequently.
Fantasy Cat Art
This is the art gallery site of Leslie Newcomer, whose art features cats in fantasy and mystical locations. The site you see currently is the older site design, and I've tutored Leslie in the building of her new site, stepping in only when she hits a problem she can't solve. During the time the new site is under construction, the old site remains in place, and once the new site is completed, I will switch the sites seamlessly. Leslie is a prolific and very talented artist, so her new site is worked on in her rare leisure time.
Full Circle Herb
This is one of my oldest sites, and has been upgraded to a Wordpress CMS. We've maintained the most popular parts of the original site, which I built in 2000. It's full of cute cat photos, silly animations, videos, a robust shopping cart,contact form, social media links, and a local store locator.
Giblin Consulting
This site was designed to match the logo and colors that they were already using, and it was specifically requested that we keep the design flourishes to a minimum. It features a google map/directions and a collection of downloadable forms for the clients to print and fill out before they arrive. The site offers extensive information on a variety of psychological treatment options. We inserted a variety of soothing images throughout the site without introducing distracting animations or colors. SEO promotion and and security firewalls keep this site humming along smoothly.
Harmony Intuitive
This site features sound healing sessions, tarot based counseling, hypnosis, astrological charts & behavioral therapy in a relaxed, non-traditional setting. The website has a WooCommerce shopping cart and blog, plus informative articles on a variety of consciousness expanding subjects and contact form.
Hot Cats Wholesale
This site is for wholesale accounts only, therefore you won't be able to see too much without being a member - but that's the point of featuring this site. You can opt to run any type of "members only" section of a website that not accessible to the general public. Without a membership, visitors can't access specific pages, or, as in this case, they won't be able to see the pricing on any of the products. Each membership needs to be manually approved by the site owner, and assigned login credentials.
Potential Within Energy Healing and Reiki
This site features a daily blog entry that also is emailed, plus cross-posted to Facebook, giving clients three easy ways to read them. The slideshow shows testimonials plus images of the energy work done by Krystina Morgainne, owner of The Potential Within.
Scarlet Jinn Music & Musings
This is the website of an evolutionary consultant and musician. It features audio samples, photo album, contact form, blog, a donation option, and slideshow. It has an excellent security suite with firewall installed. Like all sites I manage, it is set up for auto-backups.