Ethical Domain Purchase

You’re an ethical entrepreneur.  You are creative and conscious in what you do.  And you’re careful to support ethical companies with your dollars — and boycott companies that exploit our environment, distort democracy, harm animals, or otherwise are destructive.

But did you ever think that this practice of “voting with your dollars” extends to the purchase of your domain name?

We’re concerned about the same things that you are.

What this means for you is that you can rest assured that from the first step of establishing your web presence – obtaining your domain name – your partnership with us insures that your dollars are going to the better companies, and not the monsters.

For example, we do not partner with or use any services of GoDaddy, whose CEO recently posted photographs online of himself next to an endangered African elephant he had killed. Disgusting right?  This guy’s heartless exploitation of sensitive, beautiful fellow earthlings speaks volumes, and although his company advertises everywhere —  We’re not buying anything that puts even one penny into this guy’s pocket.  And neither should you.

And so, when you trust us to handle registration of your domain name, you can rest assured that we’re using the most ethical service we can find.  We’re interested in supporting companies who stand for humane treatment of animals, democracy, net neutrality, civil rights… you get the picture.   So that you can know that you’re supporting the most ethical businesses.