Security Suite Protections & Monthly Manual Updates & Testing

The reality of having a website is that there are always issues with security and safety.  This is why adding security protections has become a vital part of owning your site.  Every day, new spam and internet bots are created with the intent to disable your site, or infiltrate and steal your (and your visitors’) information.  You need the protection that a well designed and configured security program can provide.

If these malicious computer codes weren’t annoying enough, well meaning developers often respond to new threats by releasing new versions of their plug-ins and programs.  Sometimes these upgrades change the way parts of your website interact – creating problems for your customers (if, for example, suddenly your contact form or shopping cart stops working).  Will your visitors call and let you know that your contact form is suddenly down?  Probably not.  You need to know quickly if this happens.

Take your website security and performance to a whole new level.

This service includes installation of a sophisticated suite of security tools configured to:

  • secure your site’s vital database
  • secure your site’s htaccess file
  • protect against brute force attacks
  • add and maintain a site firewall
  • increase login security
  • advanced spam protection
  • protect against malicious bots

plus a monthly manual update and test of all your plug-ins and programs.   Keeping everything working correctly and up-to-date… and giving you peace of mind.

It’s a combination of an excellent security suite – plus human attention –  to offer you a better and safer internet experience.

25.00 monthly