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Are you serious about marketing yourself, your services, or your products?  Social media is a vital component of promotion in today’s market!  But each social media has its own rules and techniques;  and it can be tedious and sometimes annoying to spend hours messing around with all the different ones.  Let me do it for you!

What we all need are more “eyes” on our products or services.  Do you want more people to know about your products? Just sign up, and I’ll create Instagram posts to promote it.

If you have a service or product, I’ll create an Instagram post for you, either daily (or the equivalent) — or you can also choose an option to have me post several times a week instead.

If you publish a blog, I will promote each of your posts on Instagram. If you have a product or service, I’ll post those, placing you in front of in an incredible new audience.

You’ve seen “social media experts” who charge upwards of $60 per hour, or 400 per month.  We can do it here for less.

There are two options below depending upon the frequency of postings you prefer.  Just remember that each post must have some kind of photo or video for Instagram.  I’ll add some of your  text, choose some relevant hashtags, and a reminder to visit your site… all for one monthly fee.

Remember, for Instagram, we must have a photo or video for each post* – it could be anything, for example:

  • A beautiful scene in nature
  • A person or people using your service
  • An image with a quote in it
  • An image of one of your products
  • A short video of you  speaking about your product
  • A short video of you teaching, or recording music, or painting…whatever you are promoting!


Choose: DAILY Postings 5-7 posts per week, up to 32 posts per month; 300 monthly

Need to unsubscribe? Click “unsubscribe”. You can always come back and resubscribe, or choose “Frequent” instead.

Choose: FREQUENT Postings 1-4 posts per week, up to 16 posts per month; 200 monthly

Need to unsubscribe? Click “unsubscribe”. You can always come back and resubscribe or choose “Daily” instead.

*Please note: If you need images or video created, we can do that for an extra web designing fee.


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