Weekly Social Media, Facebook, Threads, Instagram, or BlueSky



This offering posts to one social media site, 3 posts per week, charged weekly and paid via subscription (autopay). Please add in the notes which one of the Social Media accounts below you’d like to choose:

  • Facebook (still the most popular social media site.  Posts do not require images, although images can help with catching the eye of viewers.) Owned by Meta.
  • Instagram (Instagram is a image/video based site owned by FB.  It’s perfect if you have a lot of images to go with your product, or do regular short videos for your offerings.  If you don’t have a lot of images in your blog posts or products, don’t choose this one, because we can’t post without images.)
  • Blue Sky (similar to old Twitter)
  • Threads (owned by Meta, similar to old Twitter)

WEEKLY SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS, 1 PLATFORM, 3 PER WEEK.  Cost is 50.00 per week, paid via subscription (autopay).

If you decide to change the frequency of your social media posts, please unsubscribe here before subscribing to a different social media package.


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