Maintenance (Monthly Subscription)


Today’s websites aren’t just static sites.  Modern sites contain many components that require regular updating and testing.  Updates improve function, and insure security for your site, closing any vulnerabilities.  Often, when sites are dormant for a long while, they may stop working correctly, often things like contact forms or shopping carts can be impacted.

You, as site owner, can certainly update your own website, and if you’re logging in regularly to blog or add your own products, you are probably doing your own updating.   But for those who don’t wish to be bothered by this task, or don’t feel confident in their abilities, subscribing to regular maintenance is a great way to keep things working correctly!

This can be ordered periodically, or subscribe below for regular monthly maintenance at a lower price.

Click Subscribe for Monthly Maintenance for 7.99.  Payment will be automatically made each month.

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