Maintenance (Quarterly)


This option is for regular customers who don’t subscribe to the monthly maintenance, but prefer to have their websites inspected, updated and tested quarterly (every three months) instead.

All components of your site will be updated to the latest versions, and interactive aspects will be tested.

Please note:If your website hasn’t been updated for a long time, or if you have specific problems like brute force attacks, hacks, spam floods,  site structure problems, or issues that require extensive troubleshooting,  this is NOT the option for you.  Instead, contact me to schedule an estimate of the work that needs to be done.  To get an estimate on what work is necessary,  and how many hours it may take,  I’ll need Administrative access to your WP control panel, if I don’t have this already.  I’ll take a look and give you an idea of how much time I think the work will take.

Updates alone may not restore functionality. If you site is not working, and the issue will take more than updates to resolve, further coding and/or changes may be necessary.  If this is the case, we’ll notify you before any further work is done.  No surprise charges!

For best results (and a lower price),  subscribe to the monthly maintenance so that your site will always remain healthy and functional!

Your site will be checked, updated and tested every three months (4 times per year).  You’ll only be charged every 3 months.  30.00


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